Hear what our customers are saying about how enema treatment has changed there lives

Cathy G. - Walnut, CA

"I ordered your kit for my husband after he had been suffering a great deal from constipation. He was very embarrassed at first but he went ahead and did the program. He said he felt great and was back to his old self, he said he even felt better than he had in years and lost about 5 lbs. After his response I figured I should try it, colon cleansing is one of those things you don't always think about by my hubby convinced me to try it too. It was a great experience and I could not believe all the stuff that came out. Thanks for your product, it really has been a godsend. I included my photo if you want it but my husband is to shy to send his ."

Heather S. - Santa Fe, NM

"Hi thank you so much for getting my kit to me so fast. I am starting a fasting program and am combining it with your cleansing program. I am one week into the program and I feel great. The supplements you supply are some of the best I have ever taken, the Milk Thistle is great. So far I have lost 5lbs in just one week. So thanks again ."

Jeff K. - Tulsa, OK

"Well I just wanted to write and tell of my experience. I had never done an enema and was reluctant but buying from your site made it easy. I was amazed at how much better I felt after doing several enemas. I am now very regular I do an enema session about once a month. So thanks for the product and the very educational website."

Steve L. - Bend, OR

"This cleansing program has been great, a friend of mine told me about it and I had always thought I should do some sort of detox program. I have had poor eating habits and alcohol abuse for several years, the combination had taken a toll on my body. So I got your program and just finished up a couple of weeks ago. It was great I lost weight and I feel much more healthy, my skill looks good too. I would highly recommend your program to anyone looking for a way to reverse damage they may have done to here waste system. I think it has helped me a lot and I plan to redo the program every six months. Keep up the good work."

Carl C. - Denver, CO

"I now have more energy than I did when I was 20, thanks."

Dedra J. - Nashvill, TN

"I was embarrassed to do this but I am so glad I did. Your site let me purchase discreetly."

Holly I. - Kansas City, KA

"I have lost 5 lbs and feel much more healthy."

Matt C. - Marble Falls, TX

"I have been so worried about colon cancer. With enema cleansing I feel I have a good defence"

Kevin F. - Taylor, MI

"This is not something I thought I would ever do but it sure has helped me feel lighter and more energetic."

Gary E. - Trinidad, CO

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your colon cleansing program. It has worked great for me, you have a life long customer."

Laurn M. - Key West, FL

"Thanks for all the information. My order arrived quickly and discreetly."