Famous Enema practisioners

Since detoxification and colon cleansing have become more and more popular year after year, more sophisticated enemas have been developed, from many inexpensive models to complete cleansing kits and exclusive luxury spas around the world where leading health experts conduct cleansing programs for the rich and famous.

Among the people doing colon cleansing regularly, we can mention Hindu yogis as the most famous fasters and colon cleansers. Also it is said that Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the famous surgeon father of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, used enemas on a regular basis. He believed that the bowel could be the origin of most health problems, hence the creation of Kellogg's cereal as an aid in colon function after he performed over 20,000 colon surgeries. In his medical practice, Dr. Kellogg said he never saw a normal healthy American colon.

Also renowned celebrities such as Mae West, John Lennon, Damon Wayans, Janet Jackson, James Coburn, and so many other celebrities have used enemas cleansing methods and even declared how these therapies helped them. Since Dr. Robert Charm stated back in 1999 that colon hydrotherapy is a more aesthetic body clean-out than a bowel movement, many celebrities were interested to see why he said that a bowel movement is not a thing of beauty, but a colonic can be.

Dr. Charm is a gastroenterologist, professor of medicine at the University of California, considered America's number 2 Doctor, and the King of the Colon in modern times who spells out his surname as an acronym for his personal mantra: Choosing Health And Realizing Miracles... and he is totally convinced in the miracle of enemas and colonic hydrotherapies and they have become the celebrity health "fad du jour".

The American icon, Mae West, believed in the benefits of the enema and admitted starting every day with a morning enema, a simple practice that greatly contributed to her unusual vitality, bright mindedness and long lasting attractiveness during her senior years.

Could you imagine that your colon may be someday the focus of a scandal?, probably not and neither did Princess Diana, who never thought she would be considered a colonic fan when the British newspapers reported that she spent over $4,300 a year grooming her colon. Back in 1993, The Globe published that the late Princess of Wales had her bowels washed out with 12 gallons of water 3 times a week, being released from anorexia, headaches, tiredness, allergies, depression and candida. By then the tabloids said the bizarre secret to her healthy slim figure was giving her body a Royal Flush.

Today, Princess Diana is recognized as one of colon hydrotherapy's greatest advocates. She credited colonics and the regular use of cleansing enemas for her radiant complexion and silken hair. She declared "For years I've been trying to bury my troubles under mountains of food, but after I binge, I worry about my figure. And I make myself throw up. It's a terrible vicious compulsion. But now that I'm getting regular colonics, I don't worry so much about what I eat. I know all the excess food will be washed away, along with the poisons that cause my terrible headaches. My migraines are caused by food allergies, and I haven't had one since I started the treatments."

By then, the 31 year-old princess visited London's prestigious Hale Clinic, where she was placed on a couch and modestly covered to pump into her colon distilled water at body temperature. The procedure was made through a tube connected to a large stainless steel pump apparatus, and then capped by a cup of special acidophilus tea to restore "good bacteria" to the system. Each colon therapy took 40 minutes and $75 per session, the reason why the royals were horrified, but not only for the expenses. Queen Elizabeth declared once that colonic treatments are distasteful and disgusting.

At the present, the scandal points to the actor Damon Wayans, who is another enema enthusiast that has been chatting up about the colonic procedure at every chance but particularly on Howard Stern's radio show.