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Tell People About Our Products And Make A Commision

The Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn commissions by telling others about our Colon Pro™ system and enema kits. If you have clients or customers who can benefit from a cleansing program, you earn commissions of 20% automatically every time someone purchases our products from our site.

As an affiliate, you are given a unique link that you can use in emails, or banner ads on a website—or both—that refer clients and customers to Every time your visitor clicks on that link or ad, our site knows that they were referred by you. Then, when that visitor completes a purchase, you earn a commission for each and every sale no matter what they order. We handle the order, and ship directly to them. Then, once a month, we send you a check.

Easy and Free Sign Up

  • Step 1:

    Complete the Affiliate Enrollment form here. Once completed, you are automatically an affiliate. There is no enrollment fee. Becoming an affiliate costs you nothing. There is no sales quota or anything, so you have nothing to loose
  • Step 2:

    A few minutes after filling out the enrollment form, you will be emailed a unique link that you can use on your site or in your emails. When visitors click on your unique link, and then complete a purchase, your account is credited a commission. Each month, you are then sent a check for the total commissions you earned that month. At any time, you can access your account online to see how well you're doing, and which customers your commissions are coming from.
  • Step 3:

    Existing affiliates login here. You will be directed to the Affiliate Support Center where marketing tools, sales reports, and your profile are located.

Now Let People Know About Our Products

You can place a static test link on your site or use one of our many banner ads to advertise our products to your customers. The banner will have a link to us with your affiliate id so we can track the sale. Here are just a few example banners, you can even make your own.

enema kit banner

colon cleansing affiliate program

enema kit wholesale

How Much Can I Earn?

Here's a good example: the most popular item we sell is the Large Colon Pro™ System. Many people allready know the name so selling from your site is easy. We pay our affiliates a flat $15 each time the affiliate's client or customer or visitor purchases that $60 colon cleansing program.

In one month you could easly make hundreds of dollars and many of our affiliates do. With our well established name and quality product sale are easy, many people recognize our products and will follow your link for more information.

The best thing is that all you do is send us traffic, we take the sale and do all the product shipping and support. This is great for any health related site or business.

How Are Commisons Paid?

Commissions are paid each month, before the 10th. If less than $25 was earned in that particular month, we wait until the next month before sending out your check (in other words, to avoid a lot of paperwork, we wait until commissions add up to at least $25). Commissions are based on the price of each item, and do not include returns, sales tax or shipping and handling.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Sales and Commisions?

We give you access to online reporting through our affiliate interface site. That special link shows you all of your information, such as information on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales and commissions earned. These figures are all updated daily, and you can check it any time you want. What you see is exactly what we see.