Colon Hydrotherapy

Premium 1 Gallon Enema Kit With Colon Pro™ Cleansing Program
Our Premium 1 Gallon Enema Kit is designed for quality and ease of use. This bag is of hospital quality, It has a large capacity that allows you to do several enemas in session. This way you dont have to stop and refill with more enema solution. This is a great advantage when doing deep colon cleansing and a great advantage when following our detox program.

This bag is designed to last a lifetime and will give many years of use. This bag is manufactured according to ISO standards and comes with all the equipment you will need for colonic therapy. This is the type of bag used in many hospitals and profesional clinics.
Kit included the following
1 Gallon Enema Bag
Black Set of Nozzles and Pinch Clamp
Six Feet Surgical Grade Black Rubber Hose
Adapters and Plug to use as Hot Water Bottle
Stainless Steel Hook for Hanging Bag
Enema Instructions and receipes

In addition to the enema kit your purchase comes with our Colon Pro™ two week cleansing program for you to follow.
The system uses a natural Herbal Colon Cleansing Blend and our Milk Thistle Liver Detox Supplement to clean the colon and liver. You will also get a bottle of super mild Pure Aloe Castile Enema Soap that has outstanding water softening and cleansing powers, preferable to harsh soap & de fattening synthetics, it is made entirely from vegetables.
This is our best selling system, our patent pending program is the only system to combine the powers of enema irrigation and herbal supplements. By following our program you will clean your body's waste elimination system including your liver and colon.
We pride our selves on the affordability and effectiveness of our program and am sure you will agree. In just two weeks you will be feeling great
Buy in confidence, all kits are shipped discreetly, in plain brown packaging, we only user our initials (ICS) for the return address, your credit card will be billed by P38 Media LLC